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So, you wunna know even more about Normaljoy. You might be smart like a Jedi or Buddha or something.

In 1999 Scott called Eric to discuss starting a new band. This can get like super boring quick, so let's try to keep to what matters most. The two joined forces and embarked on a crusade of sonic sounds, that even today, has no rival in the annals of recorded human history.

With Scott’s airy vocal stylings, infectious melodies and an unmatched flare for writing disturbingly tortured, bitter and profoundly depressing autobiographical lyrics and Eric shouldering the equally affecting and gravely, yet presumptuous and often wonderfully antiquated guitar riffs, the puzzle wasn't remotely complete. Not even kinda. You see, they needed a friggin' drummer and bass player too. Duh. Thankfully, Eric's friendships were comprised almost entirely of local musicians, many of which were desperate, after hearing the demos, to contribute to this earliest Normaljoy incarnation. After pouring over virtually 1's of audition tapes, Normaljoy found a bass player in the wildly talented, marginally handsome Mike Doktorski. A snobby, New Brunswick rock scene historian and annoyingly encyclopedically adept music whacko and blah, blah, blah friend to all, Mike swooped in to record Normaljoy’s first offerings. But in the end, while stellar during his session work, Mike's massive ego, which was cleverly disguised inside a quietly noninvasive wrapper of humility he masqueraded around town in, got to be too much for the band. Mike ultimately left and is currently wasting his time with some 80's cover band thing. Mike Kinsey, Normaljoy’s drummer, was another story. Mike K stepped in having been referred to Normaljoy also through Eric. But with Mike Kinsey, Normaljoy not only now had a virtuoso drummer, but also the bands chick magnet. I mean this guy is handsome. Not like Scott or anything. I mean come on. But no, seriously, Mike is smokin' hot. He plays the drums well too, but after one look at his winning smile, the decision had been made to marginalize his musical talents publically and play-up the heartthrob angle to audiences. Scott recalls, "...with Mike's good-looks, Eric's recording equipment and my everything else, this band is going places." Now because Mike's also a selfish jerk. It's the looks thing. Anyhow, he juggles multiple projects, dividing his time between Normaljoy and a few nonsensical musical endeavors that are more akin to sonic wallpaper than true musical exploration. Well after Doktorski left Normaljoy high and dry, the band still needed a bass player? Well, again, Eric came through throwing new bass player Josh Shoshentrop, a dirty, speedy punk rocker into the fray. Josh's, less polished, vulgar and courageous playing style embellished nicely the smooth, dreamy tone Normaljoy achieved with previous bass player and reputed quitter, Mike Doktorski.

So with Eric, Mike, Scott and Josh assembled, Normaljoy was born. The band is amid a writing hiatus right now, but expects to perform new material this summer, so keep your eyes open. If you haven't already joined our growing Facebook community, please do so by clicking here.

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